Look, you and I both know that even a potential 10% success rate yielding $12M in one-time commissions and $10K Monthly won't happen over night. This is not a get rich quick income opportunity. You can and will receive your commissions as you earn them but the strategy is to get positioned, get your 4 or more $3.00 Feeder Stage (FS) sales, allow them to do the same, those coming aboard behind them will duplicate, etc. and everyone advances automatically into the $82K Silver Stage-1 Reverse 2UP with $0 out of pocket.

This Stage alone is designed to pay you $12.3K through just 10 Levels! Our Members will advance from this Feeder Stage into the $82K Silver Stage-1 much faster than if the entry cost was $27 or $35. As Members earnings in Levels-1 & 2 in this Feeder Stage reaches just $42 they will enter the $82K Silver Stage-1.

Could you live with making a potential $12M in one-time commissions and $10K Monthly if it you took you 12 or even 24 months to reach it? I certainly could! I have received $100's and $1000's in payments in programs I have worked and the PSIS can position you to do the same. Once you get a taste of $500 to $5K commissions it's hard to go back to $25 and $50 payments. It's like going back to a diet of only peanuts after feasting on filet mignon! I built the PSIS to give others the chance to experience big ticket $20K commissions without having to produce big ticket sales or purchase any big ticket products out of their pocket!

With the PSIS our Members have the opportunity to join some of those big ticket biz opptys they have always wanted to join but did not want to risk their hard earned cash on those high entry fees and were skeptical that their prospects would feel any different. PSIS eliminates these concerns by automatically placing big ticket Biz Op sales into the Pay Line (PL) of all of our qualified Members, making it possible for our Members to reap Big Ticket Commissions without having to shell out Big Ticket entry fees or make any of those Big Ticket sales.

If you are not familiar with the Reverse 2-Up (Rvs-2-Up) Compensation Plan, it is simply a pay plan in which each Member is required to pass up their 2nd and 4th sale to their Producer to become qualified to also receive Pass Up sales.

A Pass Up sale includes the purchasing Member and their compensation plan entry amount paid for the entry product. Exp: If 2 sales are passed up to You and the comp plan entry amount is $20, you would receive payments totaling $40 (2X$20) and each of the 2 purchasing Members become the first sale forming 2 Pay Lines (PL) for You! Each one in your PL must pass up 2 sales, their 2nd and 4th sale to You.


PSIS Rvs - 2Up Illustration

Now That You Know How The RVS-2UP WORK, LET'S GET YOU MAKING MONEY IN OUR 1ST STAGE Of Your RVS-2UP PSIS, YOUR $3.00 Feeder Stage-1 with it's $12K Payout potential through just 10 Levels!

Upon advancing from the $3.00 Feeder Stage (FS) and purchasing your Silver Stage-2 entry product you will be placed into the Level-1 Pay Line of your FS Producer who will already be in the $111K Stage-2 RVS-2UP.

Depending upon which entry product you purchase to enter the Silver Stage-2, your one-time cost for entrance into this $111K Silver Stage-2 will be $27 for our Instant Profit Club (IPC) Basic or $35 for our Simple Freedom Club (SFC) biz oppty or $27 for our Text Ad Pack. The 3-line Text Ad of your choice will be posted on our website for 3-months. Remember that the funds to purchase these entry products are derived from your $42 FS L-1 & 2 earned profits!

Because we take much pride in sharing our profits with our Members, the PSIS Admin allocates $20 of our commissions received on these entry product purchases to place the purchasing Member into the $82K Silver Stage-1 and their Feeder Stage Producer receives a $5 commission.

PSIS products consists of our Text Ad Pack and several popular online business opportunities (biz opptys) of which we are an Affiliate or will be as our Members advance into higher Stages.

You'll be able to offer your purchased biz opptys to your prospects and earn ONE commission on each sale. However, you can earn UNLIMITED COMMISSIONS on each sale by plugging your prospects into your $118 Million Rvs-2Up PSIS!

Automatic-Passive Sales Are Designed Into The PSIS

PSIS Members are ONLY required to produce $3.00 FEEDER STAGE sales to advance through Stages 2-9! Entry product sales for these Stages are automatically and passively generated as Members must purchase the entry product required to enter these Stages as their profits reach the Admin specified amount in the Stage they are currently in. PSIS Admin also assists our Members with the purchase of higher Stage entry products through profit shares we proudly award to our Members.

* Although each Stage illustration shows Members earnings based upon each one referring ONLY 4 $3.00 Feeder Stage sales to PSIS Admin through 10 Levels, Members may refer an unlimited number of sales to PSIS Admin. Each of your sales that are not part of spill over will automatically follow You into each Stage.

$82K Silver Stage-1 Income Illustration

*$20 Entry *$20 Pass Ups *$5 IPC & SFC Sales Comms. *Admin Comms. are $2 On IPC Basic Sales and $0 On SFC Sales

Assuming that your 4 $3.00 FS sales cycled their FS and purchased their Stage-1 entry product, they will be placed into your L-1 P.L. of Stage-1 as shown in the "Your Sales Produced" column. You would earn a $5 commission on each of these placed sales totaling $20. After passing up your 2 qualifying sales to your Feeder Stage Producer, you would have 2 remaining in your Level-1 Pay Line which would earn you $40 (2×$20). Then as each of the 4 FS sales of your 2 earn their $42 FS L-1 & L-2 profits and purchase their Stage-1 entry product; they are placed as 4 L-1 sales to each of your 2. As your 2 each pass up 2 sales to You totaling 4, you'll earn you $80 for a total Level-1 earning of $140 ($20+$40+$80)!

The PSIS Is Designed To Grow Your Income In Each Stage As Illustrated For This Silver Stage-1


*Legal Disclaimer: Please Note: Neither the Admin, owner(s) nor any employees of Instant Profit Club, Simple Freedom Club, Prosperity Home Network, MWR, Easy1Up nor Prosperity People Systems businesses, nor Simple System Funnel Biz Ops has any affiliation with, nor endorsement of the Profit Sharing Income System in any way. PSIS Admin is only an independent reseller of these Biz Ops and is bound to the rules imposed upon as outlined in their Rules and Regulations regarding their Resellers/Affiliates. All questions or comments regarding these Biz Ops and how the Rvs-2-Up PSIS utilizes them in the PSIS opportunity should be directed only to Rvs-2-Up PSIS Admin. Income amounts shown on this website are only for illustration purposes and have no intent of guaranteeing anyone that they will earn from this opportunity without adequate, sustained and effective marketing efforts on their part and on the part of their prospective joining members.