Q: Do I get a Refund should I cancel my account?

A: No, there are NO REFUNDS AVAILABLE because all funds are used to pay other Members.

Q:Is my personal information protected with your company?

A: Any personal information that you provide in completing any tasks on the pages of our website is privacy protected. Your information will never be shared or sold to anyone.

Q: Who owns the Profit Sharing Income System (PSIS)?

A: PSIS is owned by Solomon Price of Beaumont Texas and can be contacted by email: and by phone: 409-444-9339, please leave a message if no answer.

Q: In what countries is PSIS offered?

A: PSIS is offered globally. If the country in question is not shown in the Language Translator drop-down on our web pages, PSIS is not offered in that country.

Q: How and when can I withdraw my commissions?

A: Members may log into their account and make withdrawal requests when their commission balance is a minimum of $25 over any send fees. Members may incur fees by the payment send processor. PSIS will only impose fees of $25 for Checks or Money Order sends by mail. Fees charged by parcel post carriers are to be paid from Member's account balance.

Q: Can I join as a Free Member and earn?

A: No, you must Upgrade by purchasing your $17.00 Feeder Stage-1 product or you can choose to submit your $91 Upgrade Amount to be placed into the 1st 4 income Stages in order to earn any commissions. Please click here and read the Major Upgrade Announcement to know how you can take advantage of this 4 Stage Entry Option. Free Members will NOT be entered into any Stages of the system to receive pass up sales until after they upgrade to Pro Member status. For only $17.00 everyone should be able to upgrade. If you can't afford $3.00 but you have 4 people who wants to join and who will pay $17.00 to upgrade immediately, you should request of your Sponsor or Admin to PIF your $17.00 to upgrade You and when you begin earning, be willing to pass on the generosity.

Q: How does one earn with PSIS?

A: Earning with PSIS is simple and easy. PSIS is designed with 11 Reverse (Rvs) 2Up Income Stages. See the Rvs-2Up diagram below which explains how these 11 Stages can grow your income up to $128M through just 10 Levels of each Stage and 90% passively! Each Member begins in the $3.00 Feeder Stage-1 Reverse 2Up by purchasing either the $3.00 Turbo Cash Machine biz oppty or 25 Income Opportunity  Seeker Leads from PSIS Admin. Members may elect to save by using the $77 Upgrade option as explained in the Answer above to the Question "Can I Join and Earn as a Free Member?" Members will advance to each consecutive higher income Stage by purchasing the next Stage entry product from the upgraded Member who invited them to the PSIS.  Funds to purchase Stages-2 through 11 are derived from Members earnings when they complete the Admin specified Level in the Stage they are currently in.

Example: When your Feeder Stage-1 Level-2 is completed and your earnings total $92, you will purchase your Silver Stage-2 entry product from your Producer for $27. The production of 4 or more $17.00 sales are only required to earn in the Feeder Stage (FS). No sales of any higher amount are required to earn in Stages-2 through 11 because these sales are automatically and passively generated as Members must purchase the entry product from their Producer to enter these Stages. All of the FS Stage sales except sale #2 and #4 of each Member will automatically follow their Producer into each Stage. 







Q: Are more than 4 $17.00 sales allowed?

A: Yes. Make as many as you can. Our Stage illustrations only show your earnings through 10 Levels of each Stage. Each Stage can build your income to infinity. All of your $17.00 sales will follow you into each Stage. Therefore the more sales you produce, the more you will potentially earn.

Q: What if I am already a member of a biz oppty that I am required to purchase to enter an income Stage?

A: PSIS Admin will have other replacement biz opptys, products or services which the Member will purchase from their FS Producer to be entered into any Stage.

Q:Is this a Member-to-Member compensation plan?

A: Yes, each Member will purchase the entry product from their Feeder Stage Producer to enter Stages-2 through 11. Members will purchase only the Feeder Stage-1 entry product from PSIS Admin.

Q: How long has PSIS been in operation?

A: PSIS began testing with limited advertising on 12/20/20.

Q: What is the PSIS participation age limit?

A: Participating Members must be at least 18 years of age.

Q: May I have more than one account?

A: No. Only one account is needed and any additional accounts will be deleted and any unpaid commissions will be forfited.

Q: Can other members of my household participate in PSIS?

A: Yes, if they are of the accepted participation age of 18 years. Each account must have a different email address and username.

Q: What products are offered by PSIS?

A: The PSIS products consists of several popular online biz opptys, Text Ads placed on our web pages and Income Oppty Seekers Leads that Members will purchase from their FS Producer. For a detailed list of each Stage entry products visit: https://bit.ly/3xYad4w

Q: How do I join PSIS to begin earning?

A: To begin earning simply create your account, purchase your $3.00 product to be entered into the Feeder Stage and complete a minimum of 4 FS $17.00 sales. As your 4 FS sales duplicate you, you’ll retain 2 sales in your L-1 Pay Line earning you $6.00 ($3x2). Your 2 will each pass up 2 sales to you and you’ll earn $28.00 ($7x2x2) PlUS $40 in Fast Start Commissions MORE! When your 4 complete their 4 sales and each of them passes up 2 sales to you totaling 8, you’ll earn an additional $56 ($7x8) PLUS $80 in FS Commissions for a total of $136 on L-1 & 2. You will use $27 of your $272 Level-3 earnings to purchase your $111K Silver Stage-2 entry product from your Producer and Your income would then be growing in TWO RVS-2UP STAGES. Your projected earnings in the Feeder Stage alone is $29K through just 10 Stages!

Q: Are there any guarantees that I will earn commissions and profit shares?

A: No, there are no guarantees. Your success is dependent upon your own work ethics and that of your Payline Members.

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