Now that your Income should be Growing Nicely In Your $28K Feeder Stage-1, your $319K Silver Stage-2, your $82K New Car Stage-3 and in your $102K Monthly Topaz Stage-4, let's get you hooked Up into Your $403K 5TH Projected Income Stream, Your...

...And Yes, It's All YOURS WITH $0

The illustration below shows how your income in the Emerald Stage is designed to grow automatically and passively to $403K through just 10 Levels with everyone referring ONLY 4 $17.00 Feeder Stage sales each to PSIS Admin! All Sales for the remaining 10 Stages are Member-to-Member Sales.

Many will be joining the Stage-1 Feeder and the Silver Stage-2 at the same time after cycling our $89 Xtreme 2X2 Matrix Feeder. While coming in via the 2X2 Matix has the potential to be more financially advantageous for everyone, either route will land you into the Rvs-2Up Stage-1.

Our income illustrations are designed with everyone making just 4 sales to show the power of leveraging and just how easy your potential earning can be with the PSIS.

Of course You may produce more than 4 $17.00 FS sales and most Members will. Knowing that all of your FS sales will automatically follow you into all following 10 Stages just may inspire everyone to exceed 4 sales.

$403K EMERALD Stage-5 Rvs-2Up Income Illustration

Product: Prosperity Home Network (PHN) Bronze Membership

*$150 Upgrade Amount with built in products: $100 2-Up entry, $25 to your PHN Sponsor/FS Sponsor and $25 to PHN Admin. In addition to pass up earnings, you'll also earn $25 when each of your Payline Members receive $100 Pass Up sales -- A LITTLE GRAVY FOR ALL ! * $100 Pass Ups

You will purchase your $150 Emerald Stage entry product from your Feeder Stage Sponsor out of your $1792 FS Level-7 earnings.


You And Your 4 FS Sales Enters Stage-5

Once you are in the Emerald Stage and as your 4 Feeder Stage sales reach their Admin Specified Earning Amount to upgrade into the Emerald Stage, they will purchase their Emerald Stage $150 entry product from YOU, their FS Producer!

Your 1st and 3rd will be placed into your Emerald Stage payline earning your $200
(2×$100) You'll pass up your 2nd and 4th to your FS Producer.

You Would Have 2 In Your Emerald Stage Payline Who Must Each Pass Up Two $100 Sales To You!

Then as the 4 FS sales of each of these 2 in your L-1 Pay Line duplicate the proccess and enters the Emerald Stage, your 2 will each pass up 2 sales to you which would earn you $400 (2×2×$100) MORE for a total of $600 ($200+$400) passively earned in your L-1!

You would then have 4 in your L-1 who must each pass up 2 $100 sales to you! Please refer to Emerald Stage illustration above.

FS Sales Of 4 In Your PL Enters Stage-5

As each of the 4 FS sales of the 4 in your Pay Line reach the Admin specified earning in the Feeder Stage-1, they will each purchase their Emerald Stage $150 product from their Producer of the 4 in your payline. Each of your 4 will pass up 2 sales to YOU earning you $800 (4×2×$100) MORE! You will have received 14 pass up sales by then on which you'd receive $25 in GRAVY from each one for ANOTHER TOTAL OF $350!

You would than have 8 in your L-2 PL who must each pass up 2 $100 sales to you!

Like You, Everyone Joins The PSIS To Allow The System To Automatically And Passively Grow Their Income After Producing Their 4 (or more) Feeder Stage Sales.

As the duplication BEAT GOES ON -- Old Schoolers --, your paylines would continue to GROW to your 10th Level and you will have reached your earning goal of $403K! And, as you well know, the Rvs-2Up just keeps on GROWING TO INFINITY!

If You Have Not Created Your Account, Click the Take Action Button Below To Do It Now. Then Promptly Complete Your FS $17.00 or $89 2X2 Xtreme Matrix Entry Product Purchase.

*Legal Disclaimer: Please Note: Neither the Admin, owner(s) nor any employees of Instant Profit Club, Prosperity Home Network, nor Prosperity People Systems businesses has any affiliation with, nor endorsement of the Profit Sharing Income System in any way. PSIS Admin is only an independent reseller of these Biz Opptys and is bound to the rules imposed upon us as outlined in their Rules and Regulations regarding their Resellers/Affiliates. All questions or comments regarding these Biz Opptys and how PSIS utilises them in the PSIS opportunity should be directed only to PSIS Admin. Income amounts shown on this website are only for illustration purposes and have no intent of guaranteeing anyone that they will earn from this opportunity without adequate, sustained and effective marketing efforts on their part and on the part of their prospective joining members.