Pay Plan

Everyone begins in the $17.00 Feeder Stage-1

Our products include popular online business opportunities costing from $3.00 to $21K along with their associated products, Opportunity Seeker Leads and Text Ad Placements on our website. We also enter Members Affiliate url in our monthly rotator Ad.

Illustrated Total Stage Income is Projected Earnings Through Only 10 Levels of Each Stage. Your Income could Keep Growing to INFINITY!

All Stages Are Reverse-2Up in which You Pass Up Your 2nd and 4th Sale to Your Feeder Stage-1 Sponsor. Each Member will follow their Sponsor into Each Stage. This insures that each Member will be placed into their Sponsor's Pay Line as they enter each Stage.

Illustrated income amounts shown through 10 Levels of each Stage. Once started in Stage-1, your income could continue growing to INFINITY!

Now you maybe thinking $128M, that's not possible! I would have to beg to differ, for anything the mind can concieve and believe, one can acheive. Consider this. If you only acheived a 10% success rate with this business, that's would be a team of roughly only 820 members, you would still stand to bank $12.8 Million!!

Still don't think 10% is doable? Well would you be willing to work toward building a team of only 420 which would represent a 5% success rate and banking your $1 Million? Keep in mind that you are not building your team alone. As each team member works to build their team, they are in effect building yours! This is called leverage and it's the beauty of MLM.

This is the logic behind John D. Rockefeller's quote, "I would rather earn 1% of 100 people's efforts than 100% of my own efforts”? He means that you don't get rich by your own work but by exploiting other people's work."

Look, no matter what business you choose, IT WILL REQUIRE W-O-R-K, SORRY! So, decide on one that you like, determine to STAY FOCUSED and go to W-O-R-K on that ONE.

Members out of pocket amount will be only $3.00 to enter the Feeder Stage-1 as products for remaining 10 Stages are purchased out of earnings.

Replacement products are available should a Member already be an Affiliate of any of our Stage entry biz oppty products.

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